To Split or Not to Split, this Is the Question

Just like in the case of any game of cards, blackjack is a mixture of strategy and luck. This means that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to predict how the game will end. To simplify things, there are only 2 options: you can either win or lose. Of course, we all want to win. There are certain tips that can help you become a successful gambler. When you wonder if you should split or not, remember what you read here.

When you have two 10s you should never split them. As it can be seen, two 10s equal 20. A perfect hand, from my point of view. In this case, the dealer has only one shot against you: to have a hand of 21, and this is something rather hard to achieve from the first two hands.

When you have two 8s you should always split them. There is a huge difference between two 10s and two 8s. The latter option brings you a total of only 16, and that is a poor hand you may say. If you split them, you have higher chances to achieve a winning hand, and this can save your hard earned cash. To be more precise, if a hand turns out to be a winner and the other loses, you will practically end up losing nothing.

When you have two 5s you should never split them. When I get two 5s I always double down and ask for a single card. I believe that by doing this you have higher chances of winning, as with splitting the 5s you have higher chances to end up with two poor hands. Stick to this advice and you won’t regret it!

Splitting is not the sole concern of blackjack players. The double down option can also turn out to be quite problematic. So, if you wish to maximize your chances of winning, make sure that you double down when:

  • the dealer has an ace or 10 and your hand sums up 11;
  • the dealer has 9 or less and your hand sums up 10;
  • the dealer has any card between 2 – 8 and your hand sums up 9;
  • the dealer has card between 4 – 6 and your hand sums up 9.

I also want to talk about hard hands. For those who do not know, a hard hand is the one that sums up 12 or more points. When I find myself in such situations, I usually take the following paths:

  • when my hand totals 17 or more, I always stand;
  • when the has 2 – 6 and my hand totals 12, I always stand;
  • when the dealer has 7 or more and my hand totals anywhere between 12 to 16, I always hit.

Some call me an aggressive player, but I believe that I only do my best to maximize my chances of winning. Anyway, who cares? Till next time, happy betting! 🙂

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